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detroit tigers

Detroit Tigers
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Welcome to the community for the Detroit Tigers. This is a place where Tiger fans can get together and talk about their favorite baseball team. We welcome any kind of talk on the Detroit Tigers.

Note: We don't have a lot of rules here, but with the recent success the Tigers have had, we have more people than ever posting here. To save people's friends pages, please post about games only in the official game posts. If you don't see one, please feel free to make one yourself. Any game-related post not in the OGP will be deleted. Thanks so much! Other than that, have fun talking Tigers baseball! Off-topic posts (posts that don't deal with the Tigers) are not allowed. This includes posts about other teams or players. There are other communities where you can post about general baseball news, such as baseball and mlb. If you absolutely must post about other teams/players, make it relevant to the Tigers. We are detroit_tigers for a reason, ya know.

We hope you enjoy your stay at detroit_tigers!

The Detroit Tigers: 2006 American League Champions!

Pudge Rodriguez with the American League Trophy following the Tigers' ALCS Game 4 victory

Your official detroit_tigers mascots
courtesy of mrs_jackwhite and korchiemama

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